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Looking back to look forward

Many of you know I’ve left the Produce Marketing Association as part of a reorganization and I thought I’d mark the milestone by going 3-on-3 … three observations on three topics: The produce industry, PMA and yours truly.
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Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.
How will you respond when you’ve been thrown to the wolves?

We all want to work someplace awesome – and many of us do – but if you’re out there in the workforce long enough, you’re bound to run into a bad situation, though no fault of your own. How you respond will determine your fate.
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“Meryl Levitz is one of Philadelphia_s original tourism pioneers ... Meryl has also developed an outstanding staff, positioning the organization well for continued success and future

Meryl’s legacy: The world now knows Philadelphia is the city that loves you back
I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Meryl on a few occasions and the honor of working with members of her team. Those interactions provided insight into how the organization went from a clever idea in 1996 to a vital part of not just the region’s economic health, but of its identity.
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Branded produce has increased its share of overall sales by 7.7% over the past five yearsThree things to watch in the fresh produce industry in 2018
The past year was a great one for the fresh produce and floral industry and the stage is set for even greater things in 2018. Here are three things to watch as the year unfolds.
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Out In A FieldHere’s what to say to the person who tells you about their long hours and working weekends
As a leader, I have always gone out of my way to let my team know that that sort of behavior is not impressive, nor is it expected. Not that there aren’t times when you have to work well past the end of a normal 8-hour day. Not that there aren’t times when you have to crack open the laptop on a weekend. But on a day to day, week to week basis, that sort of thing shouldn’t be expected.
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mobile-phone-1917737_1280Your employees on social media – dangerous threat or tremendous asset?If you say you have a culture that values work-life balance, how does that connect with you policing social media accounts? For clarification, there is a difference between policing social media accounts and holding someone accountable when it is brought to your attention that they posted a selfie from the beach saying, “Called out sick today. The beach is too good to pass up.”
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BreakfastClubMovies with unexpected leadership lessons
Who doesn’t love a good movie? And we can learn a lot of leadership lessons from them, sometimes in unexpected places. Here’s a brief selection.
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